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Access your mobile app account to Send Push Notifications to all user’s phones, track Loyalty Cards for customer retention, offer Coupons and set Appointments. Sell Products share your Social Media accounts, Videos, Blog Posts, and PDF Files.

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Send coupons to all mobile app users to keep them coming back for more.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty programs are popular tools to encourage customers to return. 

Pick-up Orders

Make food orders easy for customers with a mobile app for ordering food.

Push Notifications

Schedule and send mobile app notifications for specials, events, or anything.


Mobile app for Grubhub, Just-Eat,, Eat24 and OpenTable


Mobile app menus stops customers from shopping elsewhere for their meals.


Table reservations with a mobile app allows restaurants to fill seats on the fly.


Provide your mobile app users with recipies or other instructions.


Keep customers buying from you. Import a Shopify store into a mobile app.

Amazon Store

Create a Amazon affiliate store mobile app with your products.


Make a mobile app shopping catalog or images or files or documents.

Google Analytics & Admob

Add the Google Analytics code to your mobile app and analyse and get paid.


Build city or event guides, property listings, and sell sponsored premium listings.

Member Protection

Create a password protected mobile app. Perfect for personal trainers.


Create beautiful appointment forms – perfect for service based business. 

Optin Forms

Collect leads in app with opt in forms on your mobile app.


Add 1-Click Find Location your mobile app to locate and navigate to the business.

1-Click Call

Add 1-Click Call to your mobile app for fast and easy customer communication.

Email Us

Let users send an email to one or more addresses that are hidden from the user.


Add a web page or entire site as content to your mobile app.


Provide a virtual notepad in your mobile app.

Form Builder

Create mobile app forms for any type of business or organization.

Static Page

Create static HTML pages that can drill down to sub-pages.


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Image Gallery

Upload images through the dashboard to include them in the mobile app.

Video Gallery

Provide mobile app videos from YouTube, Dropbox, or a custom URL

Audio Gallery

Load audio from Sound Cloud, Media RSS, Custom Audio and Dropbox

PDF Gallery

Link to PDF documents on the web or upload directly to your dashboard.


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